At DPVR we are ready to fulfill your needs, our Head-Mounted-Displays (HMD'S) are designed for the highest level of performance with quality in mind. There are tons of different ways to elevate your business to the next level, we can prepare everything from scratch or you could use your software integrated in our hardware.


Engineers, technicians and support personnel ready to guide you


Face sponges that are easy to replace and clean


Case logo, system logo, user interface, launcher, key mapping, local language



4000mAh battery, Snapdragon XR1 Chipset, Lightweight, 4K Displays, we outperform competitors


Look around without a controller

Built-in touchpad


Play your content directly after powering on the headset


Fast fulfillment of order, European distributor for invoice and logistic handling fully compliant with EU regulations



Control and play multiple VR headsets at the same time
Wired or wireless


Conferences And Events In VR

Working remotely and virtual conferencing has become the new normal, it should make you think about your interface. What would the experience be like if your familiar interface wasn't that two-dimensional screen, but a little richer and more immersive?

The strength of the technology is its ability to overcome the physical barriers and regain a part of the daily life we’ve lost due to the new reality the world faces.

Education In VR

Pen, pencil and a notepad? Those may have been the tools of the trade for elementary, high school and university students back in the 20th century but today, modern classrooms resemble computer or research labs more closely.

How much better could be presenting students with a realistic, 3D pterodactyl model that they can inspect from all sides and interact with, as if it was on display in the very middle of their classroom?

Both wired and wireless applications are available,
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Tours - Business, Museum In VR

Virtual tours allows for the most realistic presentation for clients out there. 2-dimensional images are still nice, but do not give clients the satisfaction of experiencing the business for what it truly is.


Virtual tours will give your clients the ability to see the beauty of your business in full depth and detail. ​Virtual tours are still very new in the game and many businesses lack them, meaning that you will have an advantage in marketing. Competition is a big reason why investing in a virtual tour is imperative. 

Industry Training

VR in corporate training can increase engagement and knowledge retention levels and employees can be trained in a safer, more cost efficient way. VR enables employees to learn through practical experience. Experiential learning has long been argued as the most effective way to learn and learning through experience increases the quality of learning, and retention by 75-90%. ​


Retail stores are also starting to use VR training to improve the customer experience. For example, Walmart are working with STRIVR (previously known for training NFL athletes in VR) to create a ‘Black Friday’ simulator to train and prepare employees for the holiday rush.

VR Simulator And Machines

More than 5000 virtual reality machines and simulators build with DPVR headsets.

One-size-fits-all head straps with durable design preventing wear and assuring durability.

Up to 4K resolution with endless configurations, seamless integration in your machine or simulator.

Machine builders choose to work with DPVR for the ease and lower cost compared to competitors.

9D VR Cinema, flight and racing simulators, ...

Custom Content

Have a very specific case that needs engineering on our part ? No problem at all.

Our team will assist you from start to finish the create the end product you have in your mind.

Virtual Reality has no boundaries, let your imagination run loose and dream big.

Easy developing for your own clients

Use our DPVR headsets to configure applications for your own clients, we offer competitive prices for other developers so you can focus on your specialty while we provide you qualitative HMD's. A perfect cooperation.

DPVR SDK / Wave SDK / DK1 / DK2

Android system

Unreal Engine Plugin

Unity Plugin

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