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We offer the possibility to have custom branded hardware and software, changed to your needs.

Brand logo, customized UI's, single media mode, key mapping and other specialized features all pre-installed and tested before delivery.



With enterprises in mind, we know that a competitive price is important for your company.

DPVR creates solutions in the most affordable way.

No need to buy expensive
VR-gaming sets and rework them into enterprise models.

We also offer volume discounts to keep your costs low.



Affordable prices with high quality performances, that is what we create.

4K displays

Long battery hours

Built-in microphone and audio

Qualcomm CPU
TÜV Certifications

Oh, did we mention we won the
iF design award in 2019 ?

Custom Content In 4K 

Our Head-Mounted-Displays (HMD'S) are designed for the highest level of performance and personalization with quality and business in mind.

There are tons of different ways to elevate your business to the next level, we can prepare everything from scratch or you could use your software integrated in our hardware.

Your own brand logo, customized software and many more... Read more now

Wireless Broadcasting VR

All-in-one integrated broadcasting system, control and play multiple VR headsets at the same time.

Real-time status update each VR-Headset, controlled by one computer or tablet.

Conference, Education, Training, Marketing, Fitness, Medical, Engineering, Showroom, Tours, Musea  ...

Endless possibilities with DPVR solutions.

Wired Broadcasting VR

The same goes for our wired solution, only one source needed to broadcast videos or images on multiple devices in a very cost effective way.

HDMI : One IN - Multiple OUT

Education, Training, Marketing, Fitness, Medical, Engineering, Showroom, ....

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Integrated Machines

More than 25000 virtual reality machines and simulators build with DPVR headsets.

One-size-fits-all head straps with durable design preventing wear and assuring durability.

Up to 4K resolution with endless configurations, seamless integration in your machine or simulator

Easy developing for your own clients

Use our DPVR headsets to configure applications for your own clients, we offer competitive prices for other developers so you can focus on your specialty while we provide you qualitative HMD's. A perfect cooperation.

DPVR SDK / Wave SDK / DK1 / DK2

Android system

Unreal Engine Plugin

Unity Plugin

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